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Julia's Girl Scout Silver Award Project
    I am going to help the Ukraine for my Girl Scout Silver Award Project.  I will be spending 50 hours collecting clothing and raising money to send the clothing to the Ukraine.

    So far I helped run the Scarsdale Girl Scout Tag Sale and collected the remaining clothing.  I am collecting clothing from lost and found at my old elementary school.  I am planning to have clothing drives at Congregation Kol Ami and Woodlands Community Temple in the spring. 

    To raise money so I can send the clothing to the Ukraine, I ran a bake sale at Kol Ami, wrapped gifts at Barnes and Nobles, helped run the tag sale and I am planning to run a photo booth at the Girl Scout Square Dancing event.

    To help my work continue in the future I have been attending Mitzvah Malls so I can find someone to continue the work I have been doing.

    Action for Post-Soviet Jewry will be shipping the clothing I collect to the Ukraine and delivering it to those most in need, including those forced to leave the war torn regions of the east.

    If you are looking to get rid of any old gently used clothing feel free to drop it off at the Kol Ami and Woodlands clothing drives I am running in the spring.
Julia, Edgemont, NY
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