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The Warm House
A host for each Warm House prepares a home cooked meal for approximately 12 guests in a neighborhood apartment, using $50 from Action to purchase the food. Guests meet monthly to enjoy a nutritious meal that they would not be able to afford themselves. Over dinner, they talk, sing, dance, and celebrate birthdays and Jewish Holidays.

In a number of cities we serve, these gatherings are the only organized Jewish event in their community. Some guests are old friends and some are new friends, but those who attend become a close knit group who support one another in sickness and in health.
Interested in helping?
On a recent trip to Eastern Europe, Action joined a Warm House gathering in the Ukraine.
Action gives each Warm House host funds to purchase fresh fruits,  vegetables and meat, that they would not be able to buy on their own.
Thanks to our donors, the table is set and the guests are arriving at another Warm House in Eastern Europe.