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Action creates community and provides a nutritious meal for Jewish elderly through our Warm House program.

What We Do
Many Jews in Eastern Europe live in poverty and isolation.  In response, Action created programs to strengthen the Jewish community and provide food, medicine, clothing and other assistance to those in need. 
Action delivers packages of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat, and provides other assistance, to Jewish elderly living in Eastern Europe through our Adopt-a-Bubbe program.
Action makes it fun and easy, as you help rebuild Jewish community in Eastern Europe and learn more about a part of the world where your family may have come from.
Action supports Medical clinics, provides medicine and ships boxes filled with donated clothing to our coordinators in Eastern Europe.

Get Involved

Eastern European Jews are experiencing a revival of Jewish culture, following the devastations of World War II and religious discouragement under communist rule. Be a part of this important time by supporting our programs.
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