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Who We Are
Action is a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding the Jewish Community in Eastern Europe and providing general humanitarian aid to those in need.

"Action for Soviet Jewry" was created in 1975 to help Jews living in the Soviet Union emigrate to the US and Israel.  After the fall of communism in 1991, the borders were opened and Jews were free to leave.  As much as half of the Jewish population in the Soviet Union chose to live in Israel or the US, a sign of how hard life was for them.  

Realizing that many who stayed behind were living in poverty and isolation, Action renamed itself "Action for Post-Soviet Jewry" and went to work strengthening the Jewish community and providing food, medicine, clothing and other assistance where needed.

We Believe ... in the spirit of the Jewish people
We Inspire ... others to get involved
We Take Action ...  and we make a difference in people's lives
Interested in learning more?
These quotes are from people who we met in March 2012 on our trip to the Ukraine and Belarus.

Action is a constituent agency of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston.
"As long as you live, we live."
"These are all of my friends!"
"I used to be ashamed to be Jewish, now I am proud."