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APSJ will purchase these items to ship:
  • acetaminophen
  • multi-vitamins
  • sugar packets
  • dried soup packets
  • hand soap
  • gloves
  • cleaning supplies
  • sanitizer 
Your donation to the COVID-19 emergency fund makes this possible.  THANK YOU!
What you can do: 
Take Action NOW  Donate NOW  Send help NOW
The COVID-19 rate is increasing throughout Eastern Europe. Ukraine is experiencing some of its highest infection rates. 
The next shipment is being prepared now and will include supplies we were unable to obtain before.
The participants in APSJ Adopt-a-Bubbe/Zayde program remain in strict isolation.  With the economy continuing to downturn and inflation continuing to rise, these items, delivered to their doors provide lifesaving support against COVID-19. 
APSJ continues to pivot to meet the emergency and emerging needs of the communities we care for.


Staying in Contact

As you may be aware, during this pandemic, the USPS has had its share of challenges. At APSJ, we have felt the impact of irregularities in our mail delivery, with both received and sent mail. While we will continue to use the USPS for ASPJ’s communications, we would like to ask your help in four ways:

1. Please be patient and understand the response turnaround time may be longer than usual.

2. Please reach out by email or phone at any time to ensure we did receive your correspondence.

3. Please reach out by email or telephone if you expected to receive some communication from us and did not.

4. Please help us keep in touch with you electronically by sending us your email address. Our promise: no spam, no sharing your data.

Sign up by going to  or email Debbie at

Click here to read APSJ's High Holiday message and newsletter.  In this ever-changing world, read how APSJ's Call to Action is continuing to provide welfare and renewal to Jews in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. 




Upcoming Programs & Events

Budget Meetings
Friday, Apr 23 10:00a
Event Planning
Friday, Apr 23 12:00p
Partnership in Ukraine
Monday, Apr 26 7:00p
Budget Meetings
Friday, Apr 30 10:00a
Event Planning
Friday, Apr 30 12:00p

Candle Lighting

Friday, Apr 23, 7:17p

Pesach Sheni

Monday, Apr 26


Connection and Resources during COVID-19 Pandemic 

In an effort to prioritize health, safety, and wellbeing, Action for Post-Soviet Jewry's physical office is currently closed. APSJ staff are working remotely and can be reached electronically. Please send all correspondence by email, (

We are regularly in touch with the communities we serve in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus to continuity asses the needs in light of the COVID-19 ever-changing realities. While APSJ's operations have shifted, the assistance being provided will need to increase.

APSJ reaches the most vulnerable members in each APSJ's of the communities served. APSJ's Adopt-a-Bubbes and Zaydes are identified as the most high risk of getting the virus. Though many do live alone, which provides unique care challenges, a growing number are living in multi-generational householIds. These households faced extreme economical difficulties prior to the pandemic. With job loss and the overall economic decline, the next few months could become beyond catastrophic.
What we are doing to meet the expanding needs:
Each community APSJ works within has a care coordinator. The care coordinators are still in regular contact with APSJ's Adopt-a-Bubbe and Zayde's, making sure everyone is getting help as needed and to ensure no one feels isolated.

Each community will receive a box with these much-needed supplies. In Ukraine, because of inflation, even if these items are available, they are extremely expensive.


Thanks to the generosity of many of you reading this and a grant from Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, during the crux of the pandemic APSJ managed to send eighteen boxes of much-needed gloves, medicine, food, and personal hygiene and cleaning supplies to communities in Ukraine. The Adopt-a-Bubbe/Zayde program participants were grateful to receive COVID-19 supplies and delighted that their adored Community Care Coordinator delivered the packages. Knowing the supplies were sent with care and concern from the Boston community gave a much-needed spark of hope to these very isolated program participants. Shared here is a letter from one of the recipients, Irina L. from Melitopol. Pictured are moments ranging from the beginning of packing to a sampling of the many individuals and families receiving the supplies. Irina’s letter exemplifies the core of APSJ’s mission: partnering together, person to person, and community to community, to create personal and social support networks

What Action PSJ Does

The Warm House

Creates community, Jewish connections and provides a home-cooked nutritious meal for Jewish elderly.


Packages of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat, and provides other assistance to isolated Jewish elderly.

Medicine and Clothing

Medicine and donated clothing, shoes and blankets are packed in boxes and shipped to each community ASPJ supports. 

Social Action & Mitzvah Projects

Make nutritional soup bags, (each bag feeds 10 people), collect shoes, clothing, and blankets, help sort and pack boxes and so much more. 

Education, Information and Networking 

Connects you to resources, information, and programs to increase your knowledge and involvement about Jewish life in the FSU.  Including the refusenik era, the pogroms and the Holocaust. 

Action PSJ

In mid-2014 Russia invaded Ukraine, taking all of the Crimean peninsula and parts of Eastern Ukraine in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. As a result of the war, Ukraine's currency has lost 2/3 of its value and Ukrainian pensions have also lost 2/3 of their value, leaving the elderly with little to spend on food or medicine.

Action for Post-Soviet Jewry is fortunately in place to provide money, food, clothes, medical supplies, and Jewish connection points to thousands of pensioners. Many of the people helped are Holocaust survivors, elderly and have a variety of physical. emotional and spiritual needs.

Action for Post-Soviet Jewry Year In Review                                  (Premiered at the 2020 Annual Meeting)

Tue, April 20 2021 8 Iyyar 5781