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What Action PSJ Does

The Warm House

Creates community, Jewish connections and provides a home-cooked nutritious meal for Jewish elderly.


Packages of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat, and provides other assistance to isolated Jewish elderly.

Medicine and Clothing

Medicine and donated clothing, shoes and blankets are packed in boxes and shipped to each community ASPJ supports. 

Social Action & Mitzvah Projects

Make nutritional soup bags, (each bag feeds 10 people), collect shoes, clothing, and blankets, help sort and pack boxes and so much more. 

Education, Information and Networking 

Connects you to resources, information, and programs to increase your knowledge and involvement about Jewish life in the FSU.  Including the refusenik era, the pogroms and the Holocaust. 

Connect with us

As you may be aware, during this pandemic, the USPS has had its share of challenges. At APSJ, we have felt the impact of irregularities in our mail delivery, with both received and sent mail. While we will continue to use the USPS for ASPJ’s communications, we would like to ask your help in four ways:

1. Please be patient and understand the response turnaround time may be longer than usual.

2. Please reach out by email or phone at any time to ensure we did receive your correspondence.

3. Please reach out by email or telephone if you expected to receive some communication from us and did not.

4. Please help us keep in touch with you electronically by sending us your email address. Our promise: no spam, no sharing your data.

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Thu, May 13 2021 2 Sivan 5781