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The Shtetl Kitchen
November 14th @4:00 pm

Interactive Slide Lecture, 1 hour you’re interested in history and culture, we’ll lead you through a dynamic discussion on Eastern European Jewish foodways, past and present. We’ll discuss exciting discoveries about seasonal Jewish eating, holiday cooking, and culinary wisdom which will transform everything you thought about Ashkenazi gastronomy. We will dive into goose, gefilte fish, cabbage, kugel, and more.

Live conversation with:

Director Katya Ustinova moderated by Deborah Kardon, Action -PSJ on Thursday November 18th at 7pm.
Included with your ticket or pass.
Boston Jewish Film Festival

November 7-21, 2021
All Virtual

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Shtetlers tells the secret story of small Jewish towns in the former Soviet Union. These towns, or shtetls as they were called, were once home to the largest Jewish population in the world. In those small and remote towns of the Soviet interior, hidden from the world outside of the Iron Curtain, the traditional Jewish life continued for decades after it disappeared everywhere else. The tight-knit communities supported themselves by providing goods and services to their non-Jewish neighbors. The religion, Yiddish language, folklore, and ritualized cooking were treasured and passed through the generations until recently. 
Selection, Krakow Film Festival 2021
Selection, Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival 2021

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How One Teen Spent the Summer Preserving Jewish History

Ari Zeren worked for Action for Post-Soviet Jewry, highlighting a sometimes overlooked part of Jewish life.   

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