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When we work together we can do great deeds.  Through this year of transition, challenge, and uncertainty we owe our continued operations and our meaningful impact to the generosity of our supporters like you. 

Let's continue our work together in 5782 and for generations to come. 

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How One Teen Spent the Summer Preserving Jewish History

Ari Zeren worked for Action for Post-Soviet Jewry, highlighting a sometimes overlooked part of Jewish life.   

Click here for the full story.

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As you may be aware, during this pandemic, the USPS has had its share of challenges. At APSJ, we have felt the impact of irregularities in our mail delivery, with both received and sent mail. While we will continue to use the USPS for ASPJ’s communications, we would like to ask your help in four ways:

1. Please be patient and understand the response turnaround time may be longer than usual.

2. Please reach out by email or phone at any time to ensure we did receive your correspondence.

3. Please reach out by email or telephone if you expected to receive some communication from us and did not.

4. Please help us keep in touch with you electronically by sending us your email address. Our promise: no spam, no sharing your data.

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Sat, October 16 2021 10 Cheshvan 5782