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Contribution in Honor of Judy: 

(Tributes received by December 13th will be included to the extent possible in the December 20th virtual event.)

If you know Judy, you will know the most meaningful way to honor and delight this indomitable woman who has been Action’s heart, soul, and driving force for 45 years—and who will celebrate her 85th birthday the week before this tribute—is to ensure that her life’s work continues.

Your contribution to Action for Post-Soviet Jewry in Judy's honor will support the organization Judy helped build  for over three decades to care for elderly and isolated Jews in the former Soviet Union and to provide financial support to two key programs:

  • Adopt-a-Bubbe & Zayde (providing personalized humanitarian aid to thousands in 20+ cities)
  • Warm Houses (organizing in-home gatherings for warm meals and Jewish connection, bringing together thousands of elderly and isolated Jews across Ukraine)

With pogroms, purges, and centuries of government-sanctioned anti-Semitism, life for Jews in the former Soviet Union has never been easy. APSJ’s work is ongoing, and your contribution will ensure that the people who Judy is most concerned about, the elderly and isolated, will continue to be provided with life-saving support.

Please give as generously as you can. Thank you!  

Visionary: Up to $10,000 & Beyond

Sustainer: Up to $5,000

Advocate: Up to $1,800

Enthusiast: Up to $500

Friend: Up to $180

Donor Recognition: All donors will be listed in the Digital Tribute Journal, and on the event page on our website; Visionaries will also be mentioned during the event itself.  

Thank you for honoring Judy and helping to continue her life’s work with your generous donation to Action for Post-Soviet Jewry.


Visionary-Up to $10,000 & beyond
Anonymous x2
Betsy Gidwitz
Robert and Doris Gordon +   

Sustainer-Up to $5000
Shirley and Charles Hurwitz and
   Hy and Greta Berkowitz Foundation+
Rabbi Michael Luckens
     and Sharon Schumack
Polly Slavet
Dr A.W. and Barbara Karchmer*
Betty Dyer
Susan & Michael Brown +  

Advocate-Up to $1800
Anonymous x2
Rosalind and Mark Kaplan +  
Tatyana Goldwyn +
Boris & Natalya Katz +
Barbara Anatolev +
Lauren Gordon Fisher
Ena & Michael Feinberg
Mrs. Ruth Karp
Laura & Ery Magasanik
Temple Isaiah
Carol Clingan *
Emily Corbato
Beth & Michael Moskowitz
Melinda Harrison and family *
Karen & Bruce Rosner and family

Enthusiast-Up to $500 
Glenn Richter
Arthur and Barbara Safran
Fay & Julian Bussgang
Stephanie Kent Flood    
Joshua Rubenstein    
Marjorie Minkin    
Sharon and Elliot Rivo
Laura and Paul London
Debbie Kardon +
Inna Frankel
Sager and Bornstein Charitable
    Giving Fund
Rachel and Joel Reck
Richard and Nadine Lindzen
Adele and Joel Sandberg
Laurie Wenk-Pascal
Andrea Schievella & Robert Karp
Dr. Emily McNally & Dr. Dana
Joan Honig
Lois & Arthur Finstein
Barbara Palant
Dr David & Laura Eisenberg
Polina Zatsman
Dr Sheldon Benjamin &
   Miriam Rosenblum
Barbara Gaffin
Zale Anis +
Susan Shnidman
Rabbi Bernard Mehlman
Galina Zilberstein
Laurie Rosen
Jane Weingarten
David Stern
Lisa Nemeskal
Mary Hochman
Scott & Joanne Karchmer

Friend-Up to $180
Anonymous x8
Dena Davis
Galina Nizhnikov
Betsy Hecker
Harry Cronson
Karen Sokol
Rabbi Henry and Barbara Zoob
Richard H. Pierce
Esther Finch
Judy Blatt    
Stephen Whitfield
Nan Gold    
Terri and Jeffrey Goldberg
Michael Mirman
Mary Giuliano & Yuri Tuvim  
Rabbi Lawrence M. Silverman
Marcia Camac
Zeya Krasko
Sergey Broude *
Barbara Palant
Aron and Olga Futer
Bebe & Gary Fallick
Ellen Korpi
Amy Mates & Billy Mencow
Susan Wolf-Fordham
Morey & Barbara Schapira
Yakov Glauberman & Ukrainian American
Vicki Bram
Andrew Warren
Ann Polunsky
Karole Mendelsohn
Alan Strauss
Judy Lash Balint
Rise Singer
Alexandra & David Dohan
Robert Berger
Carrie Miner
Joan Bush
Margaret CImino
Fredda & Burt Sage
Lisa Romeo
Mark & Irina Chulsky
Dolores Merzon
Abby Brown
Dr. Hankus Netsky
Mila Bronstein +
Judith Gibel and Jeffrey Bolts
Michael Pinnolis & Miriam Newman
Susan Myerow
Janice and Elliot Wyner
Marsha Byrnes
Sydell Rosen
Nathan Vogel
Bruce and Ruth Lynn
Martin Weinstein
Temple Beth Elohim
The Waldoks Family
Sandy Pollack+Family
Lynn Geltman
Wendy C. Rudner
Galina Gilman
Don Detweiler
Merryl Goldberg
Andrew and Laurie Warren
Helene Kenvin
Harriet Silverman
Judy Wolf
Martin and Edna Nichols
Jo Ann Waldorf
Sofya Mitelman
Judith Gerberg    
Harold Rose    
Carol S Kaplan
Dr. Charles Rich Sidner
Linda Schlachter
Deborah Ehlen
Elena Corrigan

*Board member
+Board member and host committee


As of 12/23/2020


Wed, September 27 2023 12 Tishrei 5784