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Services APSJ Provides

     Adopt       a
Bubbe Zayde
  The    Warm House
Clothing, Shoes, Blankets and  Medical Supplies
Mitzvah Projects and Social Action
Education, Information and Networking

Through our Adopt-a Bubbe program, APSJ provides food for Jewish elderly living in poverty in Eastern Europe. With a $360  donation, APSJ can deliver monthly food packages to one Bubbe (Yiddish word for grandmother) or Zayde (grandfather) for a year.

Since the break up of the Soviet Union and the resulting hyperinflation, pensions were reduced and savings disappeared. APSJ recruits coordinators who know their Jewish community, and asks them to find the most vulnerable Jewish retirees who need help. Many live on their own in poor conditions and some are unable to leave their homes. With our funds, coordinators purchase and deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and meats directly to their homes. When needed, we have also provided eyeglasses or hearing aids, a lamp to read by, or coal for heat in the winter months.
A host for each Warm House and her friends shop and prepare a hot home-cooked meal for  12 guests in a neighborhood apartment.
With a donation of $50 APSJ can provide the food needed for one warm meal.
Guests meet either monthly or on major Jewish and secular holidays to enjoy a nutritious meal that they would not be able to afford. Over dinner, they talk, sing, dance, and celebrate Jewish holidays and birthdays. The April Warm House hosts a Pesach Seder.
In a number of cities we serve, these gatherings are the only organized Jewish event in their community. Some guests are old friends and some are new friends, but those who attend become a close-knit group who support one another in sickness and in health. At present APSJ supports 10 Warm Houses in Eastern Ukraine.

APSJ supports the Eastern European Jewish community by providing medicine and clothing to those in need. 

Your donation supports APSJ goal to improve the health and quality of life for those unable to purchase these items on their own.

APSJ works with medical providers at Jewish health clinics to provide medicine and funding to support their work. APSJ also ships boxes filled with donated clothing to our coordinators in Eastern Europe, as well as Synagogues and Jewish Community Centers in the region.
Twinning, soup bags, clothing, shoe drives and more.
Individuals or communities wanting to make a difference and repair the world, can partner with APSJ, and help make a difference in someone's life.


Connect with the Jewish community in Eastern Europe and learn about a part of the world where your family may have come from.

APSJ will help you create a project that is fun, meaningful and works for you and/or your organization.
Updates about Jewish life in the FSU, 
keeping an eye on antisemitism sharing of educational resources, and connecting organizations working in the FSU.
With your donation to the educational fund, APSJ provides educational resources, sponsors learning programs, and monitors and reports on antisemitic incidents.
APSJ works to keep the important history of Jewish Ukraine  alive as well as insuring current Jewish life is vibrant, thriving and safe. 
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